John Wesley

Our history is traced back to John Wesley. God used Wesley in a powerful way in his life and through his ministry England was saved in it’s dying hour. In the beginning the name “Methodist” was a derogatory name for members of the famous “holy club” which John Wesley was the leader of.

Wesley’s message was what he termed “Christian perfection,” or holiness of heart and life. Wesley insisted that in this life, the Christian could come to a state where the love of God, or perfect love, reigned supreme in one’s heart. His evangelical theology, especially his understanding of Christian perfection, was firmly grounded in his sacramental theology. He continually insisted on the general use of the means of grace (prayer, Scripture, meditation, Holy Communion, etc.) as the means by which God transformed the believer.

John Wesley died on March 2, 1791. His dying words were, “The best of all is: God is with us.”

From Wesley’s ministry the Methodist Church was born. In 1842, the Methodist Church was allowing its preachers and members to own slaves. In the Southeast there was a group of churches that was opposed to this practice. This problem eventually lead to a group of churches leaving the Methodist Church. These churches became the Wesleyan Methodist Church.

The Tarrant Wesleyan Methodist Church was founded in 1959 under the ministry of Rev. Gerald Bragg who still attends our church today.

Due to concerns over compromise, church government and other issues within the Wesleyan Methodist Church, our church joined a group of other churches which left the Wesleyan Church and became the Bible Methodist Connection of Churches in 1966.

Today our Church continues to proclaim the message of Full Salvation from sin. We are thankful for “God our help in ages past.” He is our “hope for years to come!” We welcome you to come join us soon!