At the Tarrant Bible Methodist Church we have many different ministries that you can be a part of

Sunday School

The Sunday School department includes several ministries including; Kids for Christ, Young Adult Ministries, The Adult Sunday School Class, among others. The Sunday School Department also sponsors events such as the church picnic, Christmas program, and also other special events. Click here for more information about our Sunday School department.

Marriage Enrichment

“We love to go to Marriage Enrichment! We not only have wonderful food, and lots of fun and fellowship, but it is so encouraging for us to hear other couples talk about issues that we can relate to so personally. We usually watch a marriage related “help video” and then discuss what we’ve heard. Everyone gets involved and shares their thoughts. We have had lots of laughs and lots of tears but have come away feeling closer to each other in our relationship as well as closer to our friends.” ~ Jeff & Lisa Messner

Women’s Missionary Society

The Women’s Missionary Society meets regularly to have a time of fellowship and sharing. Their focus is on missionary activity, both at home and abroad. They concentrate on doing things to help support the local church’s missionary efforts in the community and also work on projects for the Bible Methodist missionaries who serve on foreign fields such as the Philippines, Africa, and other countries.

Men of Purpose

Men of Purpose is an extension of our church ministry designed for the men of the church. We focus on encouraging one another and on building each other up through prayer, collaboration, and fellowship. Our belief is that cultivating spiritual growth will result in strengthening your leadership in the home, church, and work place. Men of Purpose will definitely benefit you and will in turn cause you to benefit others.

Missions Minded Kids

“Our MMK is full of kids who want to do their part to share the good news of God’s love! We enjoy singing, praying for our missionaries, playing games, hearing stories, and working together on community outreach projects. We’re so glad that God can use us – even though we’re young!” ~ Holly Walker

Women’s Bible Study

“Several years ago, God impressed me to continue our monthly Women’s Bible Study. We study His Word together, pray together, and end with fellowship together over a light lunch. The rewards, to me, have far exceeded any work of preparation. We have grown very close to each other in support and love. We have become some of the greatest supporters of our church and it’s ministries. But, best of all, we experience the presence of God Himself in so many of our studies. He is so faithful to comfort, love and guide us. What more can I say?!” ~ Sue Fleming

Van Ministry

The Tarrant Bible Methodist Church has a van ministry that offers children and adults in the Tarrant area a way to come to Sunday School and Sunday morning worship services each week.